Episode 9 – Lee Foral (After The Burial)

This episode is aimed at all the bassists that watch our videos. We hooked up with powerhouse After The Burial and sat down with Lee Foral to discuss his stomach-punching bass tone. Lee’s been with the band from their start back in 2004 and has gained a lot of insight in what he looks for in a bass and amp over the years. Approaching their 10-year-anniversary they recently hit the studio to record a follow-up on ‘In Dream (2010)’. Check out Lee’s gear and keep your eyes on their facebook page for studio info!

Episode: Episode 9 (Season 1)
Airdate: 14/04/2013
Shotdate: 23/02/2013

Artist: Lee Foral
Band: After The Burial
Hometown: Twin Cities, MN (US)

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